Dec 04, 2012 · Standard Midi Sample Dump Protocol will NOT work with s900 or s950 because it uses a proprietary protocol that is unique. I know you can sample dump through midi with s900/s950 with MPC60. I don’t know of any other hardware it will work with but there may be an ancient windows app that will do it.

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Oct 31, 2008 · What I like most about Akai (MPC or S950) is the ease with which one performs overlapping samples and velocity crossfades. It sounds very good in the genre but I prefer my Emax when it comes to his bitch. When reducing the sampling rate the 950 filter noise... Bullet hits fx

Dear Akai, wouldn't it be great to publish the S950/S1000 series Sound Library? As image files and/or a vintage sampler app, just like you did with the iMPC pro? Back in 1990 when I was 16 years old, I saved up all my money to buy a S950 (which I still have and use), but I only could copy a small part of the extensive library at the distributor and hadn't got any money left to buy more titles ...

Akai S950 Custom Professional Drum Sound Kit titled - Collection of Top Drums!!! $39.95 Akai MPC 2000 / 2000XL & 3000, 20 Floppy Disk HitMakerz Drum Kit Sounds&Samples Akai was founded by Masukichi Akai and his son, Saburo Akai (who died in 1973) as Akai Electric Company Ltd. (赤井電機株式会社, Akai Denki Kabushiki Kaisha), a Japanese manufacturer in 1929 or 1946. The company's business eventually became troubled and it left the audio industry in 1991.

Ajax passing null value to controllerWacom link plusBack then for sampling, we had the classic Akai S900 and S950 and later the Akai S1000. I went freelance as an assistant as soon as possible as I got on well and was in demand from engineers and producers but didn’t get on so with with the management who ran the studios. Akai S950 - manual - Akai's upgrade machine next in line from the S-900...Just scraping in to budget territory.... A great little loopmaster and general sampling workhorse , with a bigger memory, higher maximum sample rate, and the all-important 'Time-Stretch' added..... click the title to go to the S-950 page... where you can add your comments .....and read whatever people have posted.... S950/S1000 are the dirty ones. i forget which ones are 12bit. specs are available on line somewhere i’m sure. emu can do dirty as well but in a different way. there’s a lot of ways to get dirt these days but banging some drum sounds into an old akai is certainly one way.

He may be the East Coast's biggest name in hip-hop production, but DJ Premier still creates his tracks with an ancient Akai MPC60 and S950 sampler. It would be hard to overstate DJ Premier's importance for American hip-hop. He's been referred to as "the true essence of hip-hop", the "cornerstone of ... Find great deals on eBay for akai s-612 and akai s950. Shop with confidence.

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Mar 23, 2010 · Hi everyone I've been using the S950 with my sp12 for about a month now, the video tutorial helped me big time, big up to DFace for posting this. I ha S950 - pitch changes after sample - sp1200 forum Arm cortex a53 priceUpgrade movie soundtrack download
the ax73 / ax90 / vx90 are quite interesting ,too because it has a special connector to use the s900 and s950 samplers and x7000 and s612 as another oszillator (samples!!) and filter it with the analogue filters of the VX/AX! the ax60 has also those sample input plug.. the AX80 / 90 doesnt. the ax90 was never released. so if you read about it: think AX80;) and: it has filter FM!! (mod filter cut by VCO), one OSC'ed and subOSC.akai synthesizers have no syncable OSCs..